24K Gold Long Stem Rose Flower

24k gold rose

100% Real Rose Dipped in 100% Real 24k Gold

Everything about this Valentine’s Day gift is 100% real: real rose was dipped in real 24-karat gold in order to create a perfect present for your better half!

This item really does look like a piece of art, but don’t let its look fool you, this is a real rose! It was dried and de-watered before being dipped in 24k gold in order to create a natural artwork that’s going to last forever.

The rose looks really amazing, which makes it a good choice for many occasions. You can gift it to your loved one on their birthday, give it to someone as a Women’s Day present, or even use it as a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend/wife.

Even though the gold-dipped rose is the thing that will steal the show, that’s not the only thing you’ll get if you decide to buy this present. An Acrylic Moon stand is also included in the package, which looks awesome even on its own, not to mention when it’s used for keeping the rose upright.

You will also get a greeting card free of any charge, so that you can write your own personal message to the woman you love.

What Makes DeFaith 24k Gold Dipped Rose So Special?

It’s true that there are many sellers out there that claim to offer similar items, but you probably don’t want to risk buying a fake rose dipped in fake gold. That’s why our advice is to put your trust into a reliable company. And DeFaith is definitely one of them!

If you buy a gold-dipped rose from DeFaith, you’re going to receive an authorized certificate card as a proof that the rose is genuine. Each rose sold by this company was picked from their own gardens. And DeFaith Rose Garden is the place where only the most beautiful roses are grown under conditions that these flowers love the most.

When it’s picked, each rose is handled by a professional craftsman employed by DeFaith to ensure the flower will be turned into a true artwork.

Why Choose Rose for Valentine’s Day Present?

In almost every corner of the world, this flower is considered to be a sign of love and passion. This especially goes for roses with long stems, which are synonymous with erotic love in many cultures. The reason why that is the case is that, apart from being beautiful, these roses are more difficult to grow.

In order to cultivate them, you need to invest either a lot of time and energy or a lot of money. And if you’re gonna invest it in a flower, you surely won’t be willing to give the rose to someone you don’t care too much about. Instead, you’re gonna gift the long-stem rose to your Valentine!

Unfortunately, the rose, same as any other flower, is short lived. In the best-case scenario, a freshly picked rose flower would last for a couple of weeks. But, there is a way to increase its longevity, as well as enhance its value and beauty – dipping the rose into 24k gold.

And that’s exactly what the people from DeFaith have done with this 24k Gold Dipped Rose!

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