38 in 1 Screwdriver Set

38 in 1 Screwdriver Set

Magnetic, 38-in-1 Screwdriver Set is perfect for the handyman!

This set is a 38-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver and Nut Drivers Repair Tool. It comes with 36 Bits and case for Computer, Laptop, Phone, Game Consoles repair and more. Bits are Slotted, Torx, Hex, Philip, 5 Point Star, Triangle, SIM card tray pin, Y-type, and U-type security screwdriver tips, the standard kits will be a good product for home as it can work on different screw driving jobs.

This set allows you to work efficiently as the screws easily stick to the screwdriver via magnetism, ideal for PC, iPhone, MacBook, eyeglasses, watches, gaming controller, and other electronics. this kit is portable and handy. The small pocket set can be carried for out working and bits stay in place, must-have for electronics work and fits all of your needs perfectly. The bits are easy to pull out of the case, and an extension bar is included so that you are easy to get a deep set screw. Also, A extension bar is included, which is greatly helpful when you meet deep-set screws. It is great for stereo work as well we other large electronics where the screws are not on the surface.

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