Airsoft Players Camo Or Just A Bad Neighborhood?

Airsoft Players Camo

Living In A Rough Neighborhood?

Airsoft Players Camo Or Just Living In A Rough Neighborhood, wearing these might get you in BIG trouble! “Airsoft Players” tactical gear might make the right fashion statement but not designed for combat situations! Designed to give the Airsoft Player user the best experience in hard-to-source gear and international product, Jagun Tactical is the next wave of entry level camouflage.

All jokes aside, this is great camo for airsoft players. This will help young airsoft players and real steel enthusiasts alike increase their tactical gear selection.

Jagun Tactical now makes it easy to build Russian and Chinese kits with Russian digital flora ‘over suits’ and full ‘smirch’ vests complete with extra pouches for holding any accessories or magazines. Historically, Russian and Chinese patterns have been difficult for airsoft players to source, both in price and in quantity. However, Jagun Tactical makes it easy for players to choose from a wide array of gear and still have an accurate replica.

Committed to expanding, Jagun Tactial strives to find the best ways to increase the individual airsoft experience for each player. Stay tuned for future updates about Jagun Tactical and our exciting new product.

MOLLE Plate Carrier

Rugged nylon fabric construction
THREE (3X) rifle magazine pouches
6X rows of front/rear MOLLE
Adjustable 3-row MOLLE cummerbund
Front hook & loop panel for nameplates
Adjustable for most waist sizes

Limited quantities available.
Get your gear today!

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