Aliens Selling Spaceship at United Nations

Aliens Selling Spaceship

Aliens Selling Spaceship at UN Meeting.

The eyes of the entire Earth’s population are looking at what’s going on in the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Leaders from across the world have gathered in the UN headquarters today. Reports and leaked image footage confirm President Trump, Putin, Jinping, Chancellor Merkel, and most UN representatives are in attendance. Politicians are gathered in what appears to be the most significant event in history.

As now being reported, yesterday NASA confirmed we’re not alone. Unconfirmed reports corroborate an alien aircraft entered orbit around Earth just days ago. Today, those reports are being shared with the leaders of all nations on Earth.

António Guterres, the current Secretary-General called a meeting of all the heads of states to view a video message received by the new alien visitors. Our source from the United Nations has obtained a transcript of the video, which you can read exclusively on our site.

Here’s the full transcript of the alien’s UN speech:

“Greetings Earthlings!

The alien race of Anunnaki salutes you!

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Decades ago, our race pledged not to initiate the first contact with humans. This determination was formed after what you’ve done to our explorers in what you refer to as Area 51 in the mid-twentieth century. But to be fair, we had been abducting drunken farmers all over the Earth and probing them in our spaceships. So, yeah, we can understand your decision to kill and dissect our entire expedition in Nevada.

But, now we need to move forward and leave all the past grudges behind us because a great danger is upon all of us. A planet which we call Nibiru, an multidimensional, intergalactic body, is currently on a collision path with Earth. We don’t care about you Earthlings, after all, you’ve had it coming. You increased the temperature of the Earth, making it slide away from its trajectory around the Sun and straight onto the course of Nibiru.

Our concern is not about the human species. However, we do care about our own economy. Our interest in Earth is that your planets inner core contains limenite, a mineral that helps build our own industries. We’ve been secretly mining limenite for many millennia on the dark side of the Moon, but when Nibiru hits you, the whole Solar System will end up in shreds, including our main source of the precious mineral.

But not everything is so gloom and doom. Sure, you’ll lose your nature, animals, history, and everything you’ve ever cherished, but there might be a solution that would benefit both parties. Our deal is the following:

We’ll supply you with spaceships that can transport Earth’s entire population to a new habitat in exchange for all the limenite your planet contains.

The mining process won’t be easy, but considering that the Earth is flat, even though many Earthlings still naively believe it is round, together we should be able to mine all the limenite before Nibiru annihilates the Solar System.”

After explaining, the alien went into specifics of the aircraft using the voice of Jeremy Clarkson, a former host of the popular UK television series Top Gear.

“…the spaceship is powered by a mighty turbo-powered V8 limenite powered engine that creates a wild roar while taking you from 0 to 60 lightyears in less than 5 seconds…”

The last thing the Anunnaki said before ending the message was that the United Nations representatives have 48 hours to respond to their proposal. After that time the offer will be taken to other inhabited planets. As of this moment, the United Nations General Assembly is still discussing what to do. Our source from the conference has some interesting details to share. So, stay tuned!

Trump Calls for Boycott – Our Source Claims

According to our insider from the UN General Assembly, the US President has called the world leaders to say no to the deal. Trump said that Earth needs US-built spaceships, not those imported from outer space. President Trump suggested that every member of the UN council should get a copy of his book “The Art of the Deal.”

At this hour in Washington, Democrats are calling for immediate investigations into possible collusion between the Visitors, President Trump, and his staff.

British Royal Family Might Have the Solution

During the Trump speech at the UN assembly, British news outlets reported that the Queen has finally admitted her family’s alien origin. It’s been long speculated that the Royal Family are in fact shape-shifting reptiles from another planet, but up until this point, we had no official confirmation.

Even though some members of the British Parliament called for revolution and creation of the British Republic, the majority of the Britons believe that the Queen could use her family connections with the lizard-like creatures from outer-space to get a better deal for our planet. In England, the US President Donald Trump book “The Art of the Deal” is selling out at many locations.

Such a suggestion was met with approval in the Buckingham Palace. Some suggest it’s because the Royal Family are human-loving aliens. Others believe it’s because the Earth’s largest limenite mine is located beneath Australia, a country that’s still a member of the Commonwealth of the British Empire.

Kim Jong-un Suggest Using Atomic Weapons to Solve the Crisis

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Calls for “nuking the sh*t out of Nibiru planet, the aliens, and the West.” According to the North Korean leader, there’s no point in making any deals with “dirty, rotten alien capitalists” especially when given such short notice.

Kim Jong-un also added that he might have a couple of nukes left in his cellar although he did all in his power to stop his country’s nuclear program. But, who knows, there might be a few hundred warheads left somewhere?

David Icke – I Told You So

David Icke, a conspiracy theorist whose theories turned out to be true also refused to give an interview for our paper demanding a public apology for not previously believing him.

Hundreds of David Icke’s fans have gathered around the United Nations building with signs saying “Told Ya.” We asked one of them for a comment: “I’m genuinely shocked. I thought the only thing he was doing was trying to earn money selling books he wrote. But it turns out it was all real”.

Others added that we now ought to believe everything Icke and other conspiracy theorists say and demand a worldwide search for Tupac’s secret dungeons from where he and Elvis Presley are controlling the global Bitcoin trade.

What’s next after Aliens Selling Spaceship?

Time is ticking away, and the future of humans is currently being decided in the United Nations headquarters in New York. The deadline is fast approaching, but it seems that there’s still no consensus among the world leaders whether to accept the Anunnaki offer.

And it seems that the UN assembly won’t come to a consensus any time soon. There are currently arguments going on all over the hall. Chinese President Xi Jinping is arguing that his country can make cheaper spaceships; German delegation is saying it’s not about the price, but quality and durability.

World’s greatest minds have also been invited to join the discussion. Elon Musk is urging that we should have asked for battery-powered spacecraft; Amazon owner Jeff Bezos suggest saving money by ordering spaceships in bulk.

Biggest pop stars have also joined the conversation. Elton John, for instance, has been very vocal in his support for the deal, claiming he’s a sort of an expert on this issue. According to him, he’s a true Rocket Man and a leading authority on intergalactic travel.

UN vote is happening in two days, and everyone’s eagerly expecting to see how this is going to play out. Stay tuned for more information!

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