Android Thermal Imaging Camera


Seek Thermal Compact Imager for Android

Thermal Compact Imager for Android Seek Compact is a highly portable, versatile and durable thermal imaging camera that plugs directly into your smartphone. This device translates thermal energy (infrared light) into a visible image on your phone.

Compact’s wide, 36-degree field of view is ideal for use both indoors and close-range outdoors, allowing you to detect thermal energy up to 1000 feet away.
With a detectable temperature range of –40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit, pinpointing energy loss, spotting missing insulation, and identifying overheated circuitry are just a few of its thousands of use cases.
Compact’s focusable lens allows users to fine-tune their thermal imagery. It also comes with a pocket-sized, waterproof carrying case.

Seek Compact is perfect for contractors, professional trades, inspectors, structural auditors, and DIY homeowners.

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