SOLD OUT Auto Sand Drawing Machine

Auto Sand Drawing Machine

Auto Sand Drawing Machine


This can be a relaxing escape right on your desk. This machine automatically draws little circles in the sand, leveling the sand, and starting again.  Create or expand your  Zen garden with the Sandscript Automatic Sand Drawing Machine.

Measuring about 11 1/2-inches in diameter, this special device uses magnets that enable you to control a ball with three dials, tracing patterns in the sand.  Set it and watch it go, or make tiny adjustments continuously. Ages 3 and up are advised. The Sandscript Automatic Sand Drawing Machine comes with two steel balls – make your selection based on what level of detail suits your design aesthetic. And when you’re ready to start over, just shake it like an Etch A Sketch, and your ephemeral designs will disappear into a blank canvas of sand. Includes Sandscript automatic sand-drawing machine, 2 stainless steel balls, 1 package of sand, and AC power adapter.

History of Sand Drawing

A sand drawing is produced in sand, volcanic ash or sometimes clay. It consists of a continuous, long-lasting line on an imagined grid to produce a graceful, often symmetrical patterns”. The artist’s implement is a single finger in a tradition sand drawing. However, now comes this automatic sand drawing that is inspiring.

Nontraditional artists such as “Auto Sand Drawing Machine Jim Denevan” href=”” rel=””>Jim Denevan, American chef and artist from the surf culture, creates large scale sand drawing on California beaches during low tides.  Also, Andrew Magdy, Egyptian lawyer turned sand artist, draws precise small-scale work on glass boards. Furthermore, back in 2015, the Disney corporation launched the BeachBot, a robot designed to make large-scale sand drawings. The robot fills a 30-square-foot with drawings from Disney’s most popular movies.