Backseat Bed Air Mattress

Backseat Bed Air Mattress fits into the backseat of the car!

Backseat-Bed-Air-Mattress-2Backseat Bed Air Mattress inflates into the backseat of the car and turns it into a comfortable bed for up to 2 adults.

  • This inflatable car mattress is perfect for weekend trips, long drives and overnight camping.
  • Simply blow it up, set it up in the back of the car and sleep comfortably right in your car.
  • Also perfect for kids or pets to use as a play area.
  • A great and free alternative to camping outside in the freezing cold or motels.
  • Fits snug in the back seat of most cars, and turns your car into a bed on wheels.
  • Material Type: PVC Flocking
  • Easily inflates
  • Comes with an electric air pump
  • 2 small inflatable pillows included
  • Weight: 80oz

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Can you say CAR TRIP!!!! Lets go have fun!

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