Badass One Wheel Electric Scooter

Badass One Wheel Electric Scooter

One Wheel Electric Scooter OnĀ  A Single Fat Tire

Badass One Wheel Electric Scooter is the self-balancing electric unicycle S1000. The one wheel electric scooter has a 1000w motor. Super simple controls for operation.

Lean Forward to Accelerate, Lean Back to Brake! Easy turning capabilities with using your body weight to Turn Left and Right! You will feel like your flying with the 1000W Motor, Allows Speeds up to 20 Miles Per Hour! Shipped with a Removable Battery and Fully Charged from 20-100% in an Hour! Enjoy the ride, comes with an LED Display, LED Headlight, & Electronic Horn!

The Badass One Wheel Electric Scooter

Are you ready for the ultimate new one-wheel challenge? The S1000 self-balancing electric unicycle is unique in a mobility device. It allows the rider to stay seated like a motorcycle or bike. The advanced self-balancing gyroscopic technology keeps the bike steady with very little support from the rider once seated.

No remote control is required, with extremely simple controls you lean forward to accelerate and lean back to brake. Turning can be performed by using your body weight to lean left and right.

This lightweight 45-pound unicycle can carry up to 280 pounds and the 1000W motor allows for speeds up to 20 miles per hour! The removable 60-volt / 5.8-Ah battery is fully charged from 20-100% in one hour and can go 15 miles on a 45-minute charge! The unicycle ships equipped with an LED display displaying battery and speed information, a bright-white high-quality offroad style LED headlight, and an electronic horn to alert pedestrians about how amazing your new SUPERRIDE scooter is!

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