Barrel Sauna 7 Person Indoor Outdoor Wet Dry

Barrel Sauna 7 Person, It's Party Time!

Barrel Sauna 7 Person, It’s Party Time!

This 7 person, Indoor Outdoor Pine Wood Barrel Sauna is all about luxury and health. This brings the benefits of a traditional sauna experience at a more accessible price. This beauty is both stylish and functional, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excessive cubic feet. Be ready to party with neighbors and friends when they see this!

The tempered glass not only contributes to a quiet, relaxing environment but is built to remain unfazed by changes in temperature. This sauna is powered by an electric heater with heated rocks! The Benefits from a Sauna includes sleeping better, stimulates blood circulation, increases metabolism, prevents heart disease, relax’s tired muscles/joints, heals colds and flu quicker. Sauna Benefits also include the elimination of fatigue, clean and nourish skin, reducing fat and keeping fit, relieving muscle and joint pain, flushing toxins from the body. Also, party time!

Included with the Barrel Sauna 7 Person

Included with purchase are the  Sauna with (1) Bench / (1) Level, Wooden Bucket with Scoop, Thermometer/Hydrometer, Anti-explosive Lamp, Heater Fence, ETL approved 9 KW Electrical Heater with Touch Screen Control Panel and 44 pounds of Sauna Stones. To comply with safety guidelines, our heaters are designed to heat for a maximum of 60 minutes at a time. To heat your sauna for longer than 60 minutes, simply reset the timer for additional time. Dimensions: 95 x 71 inches. *Shingle Roof Not Included*

Barrel Sauna 7 Person, It's Party Time! Barrel Sauna 7 Person, It's Party Time!

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