Bigfoot Never Here, Extinct Or Just Not Found?

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Bigfoot Never Here, Extinct Or Just Not Found?

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Some people say Bigfoot has never existed, some say it’s extinct, and yet others say we just have not caught one yet. Which is it?


Every year humans find new and exciting fossils of plants and animals we never knew existed. These fossils give scientific proof of things never seen or even thought of before. Is the lack of a species fossil proof that a particular species never existed, I think not.

If Bigfoot did exist in the past but has gone extinct, the lack of fossils neither proves nor disproves its existence. The existence of the early stages of man are still not sure; man’s fossils tell the timeline of our evolution. Is the timeline complete?  Are we certain of man’s progression from the beginning to what we are now? I think not. How can any species existence be compiled on fossil records when not all fossils have been discovered?

Non-existant or Eluded?

Many people believe Bigfoot never existed; others think he is a wild animal who has learned to evade humans. Wildlife species like deer evade capture and death by humans every year. Ask any deer hunter about tactics and skills needed to be a good hunter. Over time deer have learned that most interaction with humans is not beneficial.

It stands to reason, common sense, that if Bigfoot does exist, what possible good would Bigfoot have to interact with humans.  Through the centuries Bigfoot would see and learn about the death and destruction humans cause. Wouldn’t they be like deer and try to hide and be elusive?

So the question remains, did Bigfoot ever exist, does he exist now, only time will tell.

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