Bigfoot Sighted in Indiana February 2019

Bigfoot Sighted

Bigfoot Sighted in Indiana February 2019.

A Bigfoot sighted by church members while on a field trip in Indiana Hoosier National Forest is making the news. Although the creature was not caught on camera, at least not clearly, there are more than 50 eyewitnesses. Some of them even had interaction with the mysterious humanoid.

This is the second recently reported sighting of a Bigfoot in Indiana.

Bigfoot SightedJosh Harmer, a church parishioner from Louisville, Kentucky, who was visiting Hoosier National Forest with his church group, was the one who got the closest to the Bigfoot. According to Harmer, he was inside a church bus with other members of his group when someone spotted the creature through the bus window. With all the noise and excitement from the sighting, the bus driver had to stop and see what’s going one.

The passengers inside the bus were shocked with what they saw – a 10-foot tall, human-like creature covered in thick hair. Mr. Harmer stated he was uncertain of what exactly they were seeing.  Harmer was reportedly the first person to leave the bus and others from the group exited the bus shortly after that.

Mr. Harmer stated to reporters:

“I was a marine in Nam, so I still know how to sneak up on people. Can you call these creatures’ people? Well, never mind that, what’s important is that the thing had no idea we were looking at it. He, or she, or it, whatever you want to call it, was standing by a creek off of the Patoka Lake. I think what the Bigfoot was doing was looking at his reflation in the water. Whatever he was doing, he was really focused on that. So focused he didn’t even hear our bus or even the noise coming from inside the bus.”

“I had my knife with me. I carry it with me all the time. Hell, I have it on me even now. So, I wasn’t scared much. If the creature wanted to attack me, oh I would’ve fought back. But, it didn’t. Before he noticed me and ran away, I came as close as thirty or forty feet from it.”

“The thing that annoys me the most is that I forgot to take my camera with me. I’m not like you young folks who carry phones with cameras and whatnot; I stick to old-fashioned cameras. But, they’re large, and you just can’t keep it with you all the time. Some women from the bus took some photos of the creature, but they’re not very good. If only I had a cam with me, it would’ve been a whole different story. Everyone would’ve believed me.”

“But, I’m not lying. I swear to God I saw its face. And the whole bus can confirm I was 30 or 40 feet away from the damn thing. And it was a big man; I can tell you that at least 10 feet tall. The creature was like a bear standing up, but a bear can’t stay up for so long. And I saw its face man and that was not a bear!”

“It wasn’t a gorilla either. Its face was human, just covered in hair. And I don’t mean hair like a beard or whatever, he had hair all over his face, only his ears and nostrils were showing. No skin to be seen at all.”

Jeff Meldrum Says “Bigfoot sighted in strange location.”

Bigfoot SightedA number of news outlets picked the report, but no major media houses actually appeared on the scene or talked to the eye-witnesses. According to Josh Harmer, he and his church group were ridiculed by the people from a big-name media company after trying to tell them what they saw.

But, not everyone is skeptical about their accounts. Bigfoot enthusiasts from all over the country are gathering in Jasper, Indiana, to talk with the eyewitnesses as well as organize a search party. One of the most prominent local Bigfoot hunters, James Helm has also arrived in Jasper.

Mr. Helm, the local Bigfoot specialist, studies Bigfoot sighting across the USA. James Helm is one of the leading authorities on the subject of Bigfoot in the area. And according to Helm, the description given by Josh Harmer does fit the profile.

“There’s a big chance this might be a real Bigfoot,” Helm said, adding “unless the parishioners from the church group studied hominoids at an academic level, they couldn’t come up with such a precise description of a Bigfoot, or should I say a Gigantopithecus.”

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, “Gigantopithecus” is a hominoid that’s believed to be extinct for several thousands of years. Gigantopithecus is a species very similar to humans in appearance, with the main differences being their big build, body covered in hair, and large feet. The reason why these creatures had such large feet was to prevent such a tall body from losing balance.

Although there’s no discussion in the anthropologist community on whether these creatures existed or not, there is a debate on when they went extinct. A majority of scientists believe they died out while humans were still living in caves. Others, including James Helm, think that Gigantopithecus somehow managed to survive.

Helm stated:

“Their long hair is their advantage. I know that being hairy like a werewolf might not be considered too attractive in human society, but in the world of Bigfoots, it’s a very desirable trait. After all, having a thick fur coat that covers your entire body is guaranteed to keep you safe from winter.”

According to Helm, the reason why humans haven’t had too much contact with Gigantopithecus’ is that these creatures live in the coldest or most dense parts of the planet. His theory is that this species had its peak during the Ice Age which lasted until some 12,000 years ago.

“They had a great time back then. Together with wooly mammoths and other Ice Age creatures, Gigantopithecus’ thrived in cold weather, but then the sun came back around 10,000 BC. The humans, who stayed primarily hidden in caves till then, came out and started the human civilization. The Bigfoot population couldn’t adapt to the warm climate, however. Most of them died from dehydration, but some did manage to survive.”

Helm also stated, “Those Bigfoots that survived were those living on high mountains or near the Northern Pole. And that’s why the Bigfoot sightings are almost always exclusive to those areas. People often see Yetis in the Himalayas, and the Siberian people often spot the Snowmen near the Arctic Circle. And of course, the people from North America spot Bigfoots that have migrated to thick forests and cooler climates.”

“What puzzles me here is the fact that a Bigfoot was recently spotted twice in the local Indiana area. Considering that they love cold weather, their presumed, primary habitat is the area stretching from Oregon to Minnesota. Actually, most of them live in Canada, particularly in the province of Saskatchewan, hence the name Sasquatch is often used to refer to a Bigfoot. I have no clue why two sightings have occurred in such proximity, maybe he just got lost or ill? I guess we’ll have to find out.”

The Hunt for Bigfoot

An organization dedicated to finding proof of Bigfoot existence is seeking $1Million funding for a bounty that would be offered to the person who catches one specimen of the species alive. Local Hoosiers In Seach Of Bigfoot (LHISB) is the organization in question, and their spokesman gave the following answer when asked to explain their decision of putting a possible $1M bounty on the Bigfoot:

“We’re tired of people ridiculing our work. Bigfoots are real! We feel it, we know it. And once we find it, we’ll start calling everyone weirdos. Personally, if I get the reward, I’m gonna use it to sue everyone who ever called me geek or nerd or freak or idiot or weirdo.”

Apart from the people from the organization who are going to start a state-wide search party to hunt down the Bigfoot, many other people want to get in on the action. This even includes Bigfoot skeptics.

Chad Curtis came from Pine Bluff, Utah to hunt for a Bigfoot, even though he doesn’t believe in it.

“Yeah, I don’t believe that thing exists. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Crist and his pop would’ve never made such a creature and let it roam free on the face of the Earth. And if you need more proof that it doesn’t exist, just read the Bible man. No Bigfoot is mentioned there, no Bigfoots in Noah’s Ark. I rest my case, sir.”

When our reporter asked why he is going on a hunt if he doesn’t believe in it, Chad Curtis’ reply was “It might not be a Bigfoot, but it might be some creature the secret government or the Illuminati have created with the intention to destroy law-abiding God-fearing honest-working Americans. And if I find such creature, I’m gonna put a bullet right between its eyes.”

Do you want to Join the Search Party?

If you want to join LHISB in the search, you will first have to pass a quick training. The Bigfoot organization organizes the training in cooperation with local law enforcement.

Some of the main things every Bigfoot hunter needs to pay attention to include the following:

  • Rule 1 – Do not shoot! You must be willing to catch the Bigfoot alive.
  • Rule 2 – Do not shoot! It just might be a human prankster.
  • Rule 3 – Do not shoot! It could be a bear, and the Endangered Species Act protects some of them. Killing one could mean jail time for you.
  • Rule 4 – Do not shoot! It could be a hoax. In most cases, Bigfoot singings have proved to be hoaxes. So, if you shoot one, you might kill a person.

If you’re okay with the basic rules of Bigfoot hunting, nothing is stopping you from flying over to Indiana right away.

Author: Conno Harrison – TFBSN
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Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Indiana Forest