Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Indiana Forest

Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Indiana

Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Hoosier National Forrest.

Author: Conno Harrison TFBSN

A local Indiana native claims to have captured the image of BIGFOOT while hunting for mushrooms in a remote area of the Hoosier National Forrest. The Indiana resident, who wishes his name to remain anonymous, says he spotted the creature Thursday afternoon. After spotting the Bigfoot moving along a ponds edge the witness took only one picture before the battery on his iPhone died.

The witness said, ” when I looked up I saw it walking along the far side of the pond, I then slowly reached for my cell phone to start taking pictures.”

His description of the sighting:

“Its face was solid black, (with) no hair on it,” he said. “The hair looked shaggy all over (its body.) It turned as it was walking along the water’s edge, probably 30 yards. I could see the gluteus maximus flexing with each step.”

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The witness went on to state he watched for several seconds as the “large bi-pedal animal covered in hair, took one step after another. When the thing looked over at me, I took off running toward my truck.”

The sighting reported took place around 11 AM during bright sunlight.


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Is Bigfoot Real?

Science has yet to determine if Bigfoot truly exists but reports continue to come in. In 2018 several sightings made headline news. Below we list a few of the top Bigfoot sightings from 2018.

The Australian Yowie Research website detailed a Yowie sighting in November 2018 in Witheren, Queensland, Australia.

The Bigfoot Forest Vancouver Island YouTube channel uploaded some curious footage on November 22, 2018.

A Michigan resident was outdoors filming himself riding in circles on his ATV in early May. Little did he know, until after reviewing the footage, that he had an unexpected spectator: Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Runs Across Road In New Jersey

A hiker in Australia captured a photo of what may be a Yowie while exploring the mysterious Coomba Falls, northwest of Brisbane.

Indiana residents in the sighting area are encouraged to keep an eye out for the elusive Bigfoot. Parents are instructed to tell their children not to attempt petting the creature. With the increasingly high risk of the “zombie” deer population, it could be possible the zombie disease could mutate to the indigenous Bigfoot population.

Author: Conno Harrison TFBSN
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