Body Cam For You Clips On Fast

Body cam for you

Body Cam For You Is Inspired By Law Enforcement!

Body Cam is like those used by law enforcement all over the world. Capture the important moments as they happen with this breakthrough technology. It never stops recording, loops automatically. This cam clips securely to your clothing and is rugged with a shockproof casing.

When you are ready to view your recordings, it’s easy. To view recordings just plug and play to watch or save. Also, this captures 8 GIGS, that’s 8GB, of HIGH-DEF video and audio!

Body cams are revolutionizing law enforcement. But police aren’t the only ones who could use a body cam. Wouldn’t you like to have a video record of surprise occurrences? To be sure to always capture those amazing moments?

Now with Tac Camera from Bell and Howell, the body cam for the rest of us, you can.


Video Mode
Photo Mode
Infrared Night Vision Mode
Motion-Detection Mode