Bonsai Garden Starter Kit

Bonsai Garden Starter Kit

Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit

Start your own Bonsai Trees with everything needed. Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Tree Kit contains four organic seed packets – Jacaranda Mimosifolia; Pinus Aristata; Ficus Religiosa & Picea Mariana. You also receive four peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, and an instruction manual.

The seeds in your bonsai tree kit are 100% organic, open-pollinated and without GMO or additives, and are sourced from the best seed companies in the USA. Growing Bonsais is more than just a hobby; it’s an art. Show your skills and enjoy the process while watching your trees grow.

Designed for both kids and adults, Nature’s Blossom’s bonsai starter kit arrives with a detailed gardening guide with planting and growing tips to make sure your first gardening experience will be smooth, fun, and a great success.

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