Butt Pillow Companion

Butt Pillow Companion

Butt Pillow Companion It’s Soft & Cozy.

The Butt Pillow Companion The Butt Pillow Companion sweet spot, between the thighs and under the cheeks, gently cradle your head and offers cozy neck support. Great for back, side and stomach sleepers. Excellent as support, super soft and comfortable in many positions.

Created from 100% premium natural latex made from the sap of trees and includes a permanent silky inner cover and yoga-pant outer cover. AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: www.thebuttresspillow.com

New and Improved

The new and improved 2nd Edition Buttress Pillow are featuring the silky permanent inner pillow case and easy-wash outer cover. Thighs separate, allowing you to dress up your Buttress with undies, PJ’s and more. Comes with the complete Holiday Butt Box set including 2 mini-butt keychains, 2 BP stickers, 1 Care and Use postcard and 1 $10 off code.

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