Aliens Bigfoot Conspiracy news stories pop up all the time about unexplained events. Many of these events are immediately attributed to otherworldly happenings. If not aliens than some other unproven theory is often assumed the cause.
No matter if it’s Bigfoot, ancient aliens, or a new government conspiracy we do love to speculate. Everyone has questions about whether we were alone in the universe. Also about what our government ultimately knows about humanity’s very origins.

“Ancient Aliens”

“Ancient Aliens” is a very popular TV show. It is one of the longest-running shows with now 23 seasons. According to the show’s hosts, ET may have had a role on Eart from day 1. If not at the beginning of earth than in the extermination of the dinosaurs. Furthermore, also in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.
The tv show has pulled people from all around the world together. Many believers of the unexplained follow the show and attend the public gathering. But, its not all about aliens in peoples mind.


Folks love to read and speculate about the allusive Bigfoot. No definitive proof exists that the creature is out there, but people want to believe.
Like the Big man in fur people also believe the government is hiding secrets. From the assassination of John F. Kennedy to aliens, and more people want to know! The truth might be out there, somewhere.
As these stories turn out more hope than facts, or so it seems, let’s keep an open mind.
Along with the real stories that are in the news there are also some obvious fakes. What’s wrong with fake news if people know its fake? People have been telling ghost stories around the campfire for hundreds of years. Our stories are no different, except maybe not as good. The “News” stories we post are on the lighter side.
If you truly believe our reported news stories, we both might be in trouble.
Have fun!