Chalkboard Wall Decal Black Board

Chalkboard Wall Decal

Chalkboard Wall Decal Sticker, when you need to give the message in plain site!

This is capable of turning any ordinary wall into a writable surface! Sticks to any wall and peels off easily, without causing surface damage. Perfect for use as a grocery list, dinner menu, drawing surface and more! Did he forget something, again? Don’t let it happen three times, Get Him The Message!

Simply cut to the desired size and apply to wall, doors, or cupboards. The Chalkboard Wall Decal is reusable, you simply peel off and reapply somewhere else.

Kids love their own blackboard; it’s a great way to interact with the kids. This is more than just a note board; it brings the family back together. Drop the cell chat and make sure everyone knows home is where the heart is and show them your love every day.

Cut in your way!!!
Dimensions : 45 x 200 cm
Comes with 5 free chalks!

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