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CBD Chong's Choice Collection

We found the page people have been talking about, low cost, high-quality CBD products. DIAMOND CBD products have an extensive website of their products. It’s always easy to find the best deals but they have made it easier once you find their special page.

Tommy Chong has a robust line of cannabis products. With attention to detail and quality, Tommy is determined to bring you the very best products available on the market. When you hear the name Tommy Chong you immediately think of Cannabis.

Fans of comedy and cannabis alike can experience the strains and products that Tommy himself has hand-selected. There really is only one choice, Chong’s Choice.

Are all Chong's Choice products high quality?

it is reported that Tommy himself has hand-selected all products.

Is Chong's Choice the Chong as in Cheech & Chong?

As one-half of the legendary comedy duo Cheech & Chong he helped pioneer a completely unique brand of comedy directed at the counter-culture movement of the early 70’s.

Is Chong's Choice CBD or Pot?

Chong's Choice source the finest, locally grown cannabis available for each strain. Hand picked and lab certified, Chong’s Choice represents the absolute highest quality product that is available on the market. They have CBD as well as other hemp products.