Christmas 2019 Precious Moments Is Ready

Precious Moments Heart Warming Christmas 2019, Bisque Porcelain Ornament.

Christmas 2019 Precious MomentsChristmas 2019 Precious Moments Ornament is ready to decorate the tree. Dressed for a festive Christmas season in a plaid holiday skirt with a cute sweater, the sweet girl in this porcelain Christmas ornament holds a heartwarming mug. She’s celebrating another wonderful year by wearing a red ribbon sash dated 2019.

Christmas 2019 Precious Moments Sparkles

Delightful sparkles on the stylish flower in her hair and matching red bows on her shoes add to the simple elegance of this keepsake Christmas gift; sure to evoke fond memories of a wonderful year every time this beautiful Christmas decor is displayed for the holiday season.

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