Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat

Bloody Bath Mat, Color Changing Sheet Turns Red When Wet, Make Your Own Bleeding Footprints That Disappear White

Do you want to freak someone out? No other horrible gag gift comes close to the shock someone will have to see the toilet water splashes and footprint stains turn red. The world’s first real color changing Bloody Bathroom Mat Sheet made by IntroWizard.

Scare your friends, young adults, or even yourself. It really turns red when wet! Water does not soak into the sheet but instead appears to change color bleeding when in contact with your mat. The blood red color will begin to disappear in minutes and eventually fades away completely turning your mat back white again.

Quite the Surprise!

This color changing bath mat sheet Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat and takes a while to fade back to white.

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