Cremation Jewelry For That Undying Love

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry For That Undying Love.

Cremation Jewelry For That Undying Love as a reminder of the joy that a special love brought you. It might be a little over the top for some but actually what a way to keep those memories alive.

Featuring a combination of bold colors and delicate designs, the Cremation Jewelry is a passionate showcase of your undying love for someone close to your heart and a reminder of the joy that this love brought you. Featuring a smooth design you can always keep your loved ones close to you.

How is a Love Ashes piece made?

Your one-of-a-kind Love Ashes keepsake can be designed in one of two ways; either to be worn as a necklace or to be mounted in a framed memorial.

Each Pendant and Framed Memorial is designed, hand-cut, assembled, fired in a kiln and inspected by artist Silvia Engel to ensure quality.

You will have several color combinations from which to choose, each hand-selected by Silvia Engel personally for their vibrancy.

The Classic Love Ashes pendants are accompanied by a 36” black hand-dyed silk cord. The Eternity Line comes with a white hand-dyed silk cord. The pendant can easily be slipped off the cord and worn with your favorite silver chain or omega.

The 8.25” x 6.75” framed memorial has an optional 11” black iron easel stand.

The complexity and unreliable nature of dichroic glass make each Love Ashes pendant or framed memorial a one-of-a-kind creation and a treasured keepsake.

Crematorium, Funeral Director, Veterinary professional?

If you are a Crematorium, Funeral Director, Veterinary professional or Scattering Service and are interested in partnering with this special service they may be interested in you.

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