Decibel Meter Sign for Noise Pollution

Decibel Meter Sign, 12 x 10 inch

Decibel meter signs continuously measure and display sound level with visibly bright decibel meter to alert workers and people in general, of the potential need for hearing protection. Unit measures 12 x 10 x 1 inch. Sign is lightweight, durable aluminum construction with frameless visual edge design to capture the attention.

The Three-Digit, bright red LED display with 1 1/2 inch numbers is viewable from 75 ft. Away. The meter measures 30 to 130 db with accuracy to within +/- 1.5 db. Display is simple to use, requiring no additional calibration or settings. It operates on 110/120 VAC with 5 ft. Power cord and AC adapter. Operational range is 32° to 104° F; and 10 – 70 percent relative humidity. Not recommended for high humidity.

Loud car audio bass has become a problem in many areas. Lawrence, Indiana is just one example where excessively loud car audio noise can be heard frequently. Some residence complain the noise is so loud they hear the bass several streets away.

The loud bass from offenders can be a problem for local law enforcement. With devices like the Decibel Meter Sign, neighbors can contact the police. Having a good description of the offending car and a license plate number is a must for police to take immediate action. Help stop the noise!

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