Dog Treat Dispenser System End Boring Snacks

Dog Treat Delivery System

Dog Treat Dispenser System To End Boring Snacks!

Dog treat delivery systemThe dog treat dispenser system turns smack time into playtime with a time tested Catapult Kit. Mans best friend loves fun and treats! Now, with a little help from Leonardo da Vinci, you can move treat time up to the next level.

The Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit comes complete with all pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble.

Glue is included and is suitable for beginner model makers. Also, it has easy to understand instructions.

Product Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 10 inches
Number Of Pieces: 40
Customer Reviews: 274 ratings – 4.6 out of 5 stars

Dog Treat Dispenser System

Catapults were first invented back in the Ancient Greek and Roman times. Currently, our common ideas of them are based on drawings we have from the Medieval Ages. Leonardo redesigned the catapult in approximately 1485 and used the springlike energy stored in bent wood to give power to the swingarm.

Using a replica of the famous device make your best bud happy with a dog treat dispenser system. Launch small treats across the room to incorporate a classic fetch game with treat time. Even if the dog doesn’t like it, it will keep the owner busy for a while. What wife doesn’t want a little me-time? It seems like a perfect gift to keep a guy busy. Under $20


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How to use a dog treat dispenser?

For the best results try using high value treats, Be patient, some dogs get the hang of things more quickly than others. test your dispenser to get the hang of it before including your pet.

How to make a dog treat dispenser toy?

If you look online you can find several ideas. With the device above the kit will make it easy and you have a small piece of history.

Where to buy dog treat dispenser?

Many pet shops sell devices used for dogs to retrieve treats. Prices will very and some must be matched to size of dogs. Most dispensers are not interactive and have no historical value. Simply put, they just don/t look as cool as the one above.