DIY Wood Repair Like Furniture Stores Do

DIY Wood Repair

Wood Repair Like Furniture Stores Do With Special Wax!

Wood-Repair-2The ultimate DIY for furniture repair is so simple and easy and has been done for years by people in the know. This is the secret way stores and repairmen fix your wooden surfaces and scratched wooden furniture.

Do you have damaged wooden surfaces? Worry no more as this Wood Repair Crayons will save the day!

These Wood Repair Crayons are manufactured to repair scratched wooden surfaces and are made from special wax that enables it to cover the scratched area and make it look like new. Moreover, the crayons are also designed to have a very similar wooden texture colors for it to blend with the surface. The set is complete with four different colors and a blender stick to evenly spread the crayon in the damaged area.

This is your perfect and creative solution to your wooden furniture problems. Grab yours today and make your furniture look like new again!


  • Packaging: Complete wood-repair-job-dyi
  • Type: Special Wax Crayon
  • Package Quantity: 4
  • Color Quantity: 4

Many people see this and think its too easy to be true. I worked in a furniture store in Indiana for over 3 years, and I saw this done over and over. It works! After coloring the damaged area, just let dry, and then wax the furniture piece just like you would normally do. The scratch will gone!

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