Easy Pet Nailing Rotating File System

Easy Pet Nailing

PAWPERFECT Pet Nail Rotating File As Seen On TV!

The Easy Pet Nailing Rotating File System is great for dogs, cats, and other small pets. A rotating file system that has 7,000 – 14,000 rotations per minute files away long and sharp nails in minutes – high-power, but energy-efficient!

Nail slot keeps nails IN, but skin OUT. With the built-in LED light automatically lits up when you switch PAWPERFECT on. It makes grooming so much easier (and safer too!).

This pet tool comes with three modes: High (14,000 RPM), Low (7,000 RPM), and Off, all with the press of our high quality, paw-shaped red button! The system, PawPerfect, comes with a Fine file for bigger animals or tougher nails, and a very fine file for more delicate jobs requiring a more delicate touch (small animals).

Pawperfect from Bell and Howell

Easy pet nail trimming has always been either an expensive or risky affair. Most clippers can hurt your pet if not used perfectly. Moreover, professional groomers charge way more than when you get your nails done at a salon! So why not solve the problems of your beloved pet from the comfort of your own home, without all the cost and hassle?

This system has taken measures to improve both pet and owner safety, while also allowing you to save hundreds of dollars! This product is compatible with any pets, of any size, be it small, medium, or large!

And Still, There’s More!

The PawPerfect by Bell and Howell provides super fine rotations. Also, it has well-tuned internal components providing for superfine rotations without rendering the product shaky or impossible to hold.

Quality and comfort!

1.5″ diameter (roughly 4-5 inches circumference) and slip-free rubber handle allow for an ultra-comfortable grip while operating the Pawperfect.

Non-Electric – Since puppies, in general, are prone to chewing even on electrical cords, the non-electrical Pawperfect counter the danger associated with electric groomers.

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