Emoji Waffler & Pancake Maker Electric Griddle

Emoji Waffler & Pancake Maker

Smiley Face Waffles OR Pan Cakes.

Makes breakfast a breeze with 4 interchangeable plates allowing you to cook both waffles and pancakes. Just press a button, switch the plates, and cook adorable pancakes or waffles in minutes!




  • Emoji Waffler- 4 interchangeable plates allow you to make either pancakes or waffles
  • Emoji Pancake Griddle- Non-stick cooking surface for easy clean up
  • Pancake & Waffle Maker feature adjustable browning and temperature control
  • Waffle Iron features removable plates for easy clean up
  • BAKING TIP: Pour 1/2 Cup of Batter when making Pancakes and 1 Cup when making Waffles– Fill to first groove so overflow groove stays unfilled

how many whats does it need for work?, and it work 110/220v , 50/60 hz?, please is important for me to know the Hz, thanks!
Standard us plug–US only type plug…so I think the answer is no?
By Laurel Nevans

Are the waffles crunchy like a normal waffle or are they soft like a pancake ?
Pan cake and waffle both are the same but the shapes are different, waffles are not as crunchy as we use to have
By Aziz Ahmed on August 11, 2018
Soft like pancakes, and it takes forever to get the waffle golden brown. Your better off making them on the stove top….
By Shannon markle on August 11, 2018
Depends on how long you cook them for. The longer you cook the waffles the crisper they will be
By mpogg on August 12, 2018

what is the diameter of the waffle?
Not sure. I Returned because the plates didn’t snap in as easily as they claimed. Might have just been a defective one though.

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