Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Is Registration, Joining, really free?
As of now, Joining our site is 100% FREE.
Could you add product reviews?
We are working to start that soon.
Do you allow adult content?
No full nudity is allowed.
How can I thank you for having a good site?
We think you just did 😀 thanks!
Can I upload video
You can link a video from YouTube or other sites if the other site allows it. These abilities are for members only.
Can we get more details on authors or posters?
We are looking for a way to expand that area and still have a safe site.
What is STREAM on users profile page?
A stream is your wall, say something on your wall for everyone to see. It doesn’t appear with posts on the front page of the website and what you say can be set to Public, Private, Friends Only or Only You.
What is the user's profile page for?
The user’s profile page has the Users Stream (see above), and also has the user’s profile information, front page blog postings, and a friends list.

We will update the questions and answers section as we progress with the site.