Flashlight Telescoping Baton

Flashlight Telescoping Baton

18″ Telescoping Powerful Baton LED Flashlight.

Flashlight Telescoping Baton for Self Defense and LED Flashlight!t

Rechargeable LED flashlight with a Telescoping design that is Water- and shock-proof. It Features five brightness modes and is made from aero-grade aluminum alloy.

Anti-shorting design for increased safety!
Brightness level: 3000 lumens!
Lighting distance: 200m–500m!

Flashlight Telescoping Baton Powered by;
Direct charge.
3 AAA batteries (not included).
In-built rechargeable battery (18650).

Product dimensions;
Length: 14”–18”.
Diameter: 1.3”–1.5”.

In the box: flashlight, charging cable, and rechargeable battery.

Be prepared with this combination baton and flashlight. Great tool to have around for those instantly needed situations. And, it just looks so cool walking around with it. This thing reaches 18″ for Self Defense. Who doesn’t want an extra 18 inches to work with when the lights are out?

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