Get Your Butt Out Of Bed And Moving

Get Your Butt Out Of Bed alarm clock

Get Your Butt Out Of Bed And Moving As You Chase Your clock!

That’s right, chase your clock around the room to make the loud sound stop. Sound annoying? You bet it is but it works for those lazy people who just need a couple more wake calls than others.

Get Your Butt Out Of Bed Because This Clock Is Loud and Lasts 9 Minutes.

This alarm clock will definitely wake you up in the morning! It’s an alarm clock that has aloud alarm and will run and jump away once the sound is triggered. Moreover, the sounds will run for 9 minutes after it has been triggered. You will need to get up and chase it to make the sound stop. If getting out of bed is hard for you and you something a little more than the normal alarm clock, this may be it.

With this, you will be motivated to get out of bed in no time at all! It runs on four AAA batteries which makes it convenient to use and has four assorted colors to choose from. Make your mornings more active and order this clock today!
DETAILSget your butt out of bed

Type: Alarm Clocks
Style: Modern
Screen Type: LED
Feature: Antique Style
Diameter: 80mm
Display Type: Digital
Motivity Type: Digital
Material: Plastic
Form: Single Face
Length: 130mm
Shape: Circular
Weight: 360g
Width: 80 mm

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