Gross Canned Meat Specials

gross canned meat

Gross Canned Meat Specials For Every Family Gathering.

Gross Canned Meat Specials

Six-Pack of Gag Canned Meat! Yummy Creamed Possum, Western Armadillo, Original Dillo, Savory Raccoon, Yeti Steak and In Season Squirrel!

Canned Creamed Possum, Armadillo Picante, Squirrel Gumbo, and Dillo Cans
Only the Freshest Faux Meats Used in Our Cannery!
A Gag Gift That Will Have Your Friends Rolling with Laughter!
A 6-pack of Original Southern Hillbilly & Bizarre Delights!
True contents: Composted Organic Material – Not Edible

Creamed Possum, Armadillo Picante, Raccoon, Dillo, and Squirrel Gumbo are Southern & Hillbilly delights from the deep South where you had to eat what you could during the tough times. We added Yeti to the mix! Our gag gift can set pays tribute to that era, and all we can say is thank goodness we don’t have to eat it anymore- even though it sounds darn tasty with garnished sweet p’taters and ramps or a cornbread. The Coon Fat gravy just puts the Possum dish over the top! Note: gag gift only, contains composted organic. Not edible.

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