Hanging Rack Wall

Hanging Rack Wall Mounted Storage

Hanging Rack Wall Mounted Storage Shelf Kitchen/ Bathroom.

Organize that kitchen quick and easy. This is easy to mount and makes the kitchen a beautiful and time-saving space.

  • Stores & drain kitchen items from utensils, knives, chopping boards, table cloth, etc. or toothbrushes, towels and other bathroom essentials.
  • Multi-storage function keeps kitchen counters neat
  • Keep dangerous kitchen utensils out of young children’s reach
  • Features 1 flat rack, 2 utensils holder, multiple hooks, 1 towel rack, and multiple knife slots
  • Sturdy design – withstand heavyweight
  • Versatile, clean design matches any kitchen environment
  • Metal Type: Aluminium
  • Comes dismantled. Basic assembly required.
  • Length: 50cm
  • Colour: Silver

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