Heat Resistant Gloves with Forearm Protection

Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Gloves with Forearm Protection

Heat Resistant Gloves with Forearm Protection for grilling.

  • Versatile Hand Gloves: From removing pans from the oven to handling food on the grill, our Heat Resistant Gloves manage to withstand intense heat! Fast and convenient, they act as pot holders, heat trivets and even allow you to rearrange hot logs in the fireplace.
  • Hand and Forearm Safety: By providing a non-slip grip, our Heat Resistant Gloves allow you to handle a wide range of items without fear of dropping them. They also feature a 5” cuff, keeping your wrists and lower forearms protected from high temperatures!
  • Comfortable and Easy-to-Use: Strong enough to protect your hands, yet flexible enough to allow easy finger movement, these heat gloves provide a great fit and unmatched comfort! Simply slip them on, and you’re ready to handle just about anything.
  • High-Quality Heat Resistant Material: What makes our Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves BBQ, Oven, and Grill-friendly? They’re made of incredibly strong and durable materials that were specially designed and crafted to withstand heat up to 932℉ (500°C)!
  • Three Month Warranty: We strive to create practical, innovative products that our customers will love. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Heat Resistant Gloves, simply let us know, and we’ll refund your order with our three-month warranty!


Would I be able to grab hot stuff out of the oven with these?
Absolutely. I bake bread in cast iron at 450 degrees, and they work great. I also love the extra length that protects my wrists and arms from burns from the oven racks. Just be certain the gloves are completely dry when you use them.


How do you clean these gloves?
They are able to go through a standard washing machine. Mine, however, Just used all week so I will soak them in water mixed with a little detergent to loosen up the dirt. Given them a good rinse, then toss them in the wash.


Do you get two gloves with one order? Is one left and one right-handed?
Your answer is ‘yes and yes’. These are really nice gloves.


I have very small hands and short fingers and wonder how these will work for me. Thanks for any help!
They might feel thick on your hands but I think you’ll like them anyway. I take a men’s medium glove so I have rather large hands for a woman. The gloves are snug on me. My housemate has small hands and can use them just fine. Give them a try.
I have small hands also, and the elastic allows the gloves to fit ok if I pull them on tight. Don’t know about your fingers, though.
By JohnH on September 11, 2016
Katherine, they were too small for my husband so I’ve been using them. I’m also petite and though they are large, they work great. I really love them!

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4.0 out of 5 starsGood gloves that look good too
Verified Purchase
These work great! They’re big but not oversized. Everyone in my family has used them and everyone loves the fit. I can pull everything right off the grill with no trouble. They look good too.

I thought the white rubber design would wear off or tear or melt but no signs of ear after several months of use.

Only one minor problem I have with these gloves. Steam alone causes dampness and dampness causes heat resistance failure. The gloves really need an external rubber barrier for extended use.
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5.0 out of 5 stars
He also said he has used them to get stuff out of the oven like cookies and what not
Verified Purchase
My BF wanted these for his pit barrel cooker he just bought. So far he has made chickens, Thanksgiving turkey, and beef/pork ribs. He has used these gloves for each cook and has NO complaints. He also said he has used them to get stuff out of the oven like cookies and what not. ( I wonder who the chef is in the house!) He mainly wanted them because of the skeleton design but they met and exceeded his expectations. He said the most feeling he got was a little warm but never burning or over hot sensation when using them and the white design is well intact. They are very comfortable and flexible. He did get sauce and juices on them so not sure how they will be after a wash, but he will probably just handwash/air dry them and that seems safe enough. He said he would highly recommend and would buy again if they last a while.
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J. Fisher

5.0 out of 5 stars
I found the “oven mitts” I was longing for!
Verified Purchase
The gloves are exactly what I was looking for! I was searching Amazon.com to try and find new oven mitts because I had old, thin oven mitts that I always just “dealt with”. I came up these gloves and was super intrigued by the design. I thought it was awesome! I am a Halloween lover and that is what these reminded me of. I did not buy these to use with a grill. I bought these only to use with retrieving items out of my over and they WORK AMAZING! I was testing them out yesterday while removing a pan from my 450 degrees over and I felt absolutely no heat! I am a huge fan of these and hope they continue to perform well.


5.0 out of 5 stars
These will do the job well
Verified Purchase
I was a bit leery of buying these at first since I had a pair similar many years ago that were so cumbersome and stiff I tossed them in the garbage. I tried these last night and I love them. I took out a roast from the oven and even after holding my gloved hand on the hot roasting pan for longer than usual, I felt very little warmth. I have narrow and long fingers but don’t feel like my hands are swimming in these gloves. I still have the dexterity to do small motor movements. I cannot attest to durability because I just got them but they seem well made. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase.


4.0 out of 5 stars
but it was way better than getting burned by just having my hand close …
Verified Purchase
I used these for stuff in a 500C lab furnace. They have fingers, but they’re so inflexible (or I’m so weak) that they may as well be mittens. I had to use two hands on forceps, but it was way better than getting burned by just having my hand close to the furnace. That said, no one makes something for these temperatures that are flexible and cheap. They probably make awesome oven or barbecue mitts.
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M. Ivey

5.0 out of 5 stars
Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for
February 8, 2019
Verified Purchase
I have always had heat mitts that are just that, mitts with no fingers other than the thumb. I’ve never been able to hold my cast iron pizza pan longer than a few seconds before the heat came through and would burn me. These heat resistant gloves are awesome! No more heat coming through. No more worrying about melting. No more restrictive movement.
I highly recommend these gloves for any high heat-related activity.

Cold Pea

3.0 out of 5 stars
Great look but…
Verified Purchase
Fun glove but alil oversized for myself who wears large nitrile gloves at work every day. I noticed that when I grabbed an aluminum pizza pan from the oven at 500f the glove got pretty hot quickly. Not sure how it’s gonna hold up pulling out my cast iron skillets and Dutch oven. I expected more from a 932f rated glove for the price. I do a lot of cast iron cooking and barbequing so I really wanted good protection but liked how cool these looked too.

Dale W. Mckee

5.0 out of 5 starsVery Good Protection From Oven Heat
Verified Purchase
I really like the part where I don’t get burned moving items in and out of my oven. Before I bought the gloves I would always have to be very careful when taking items out of the oven. I have been burned slightly, a couple of times because I accidentally touched a hot dish or the rack it sat on. I do not worry about getting burned anymore because I am wearing these gloves to extract the items. I also like the fact that they cover my forearms, too. They are gloves which means I can grasp things better than with mittens. I also like the bone pattern on the gloves.