Heated Camp Shower

great device for camping or hiking. This is great to have around for emergency uses like power outages.

20 Litres Solar Water Heated Camp Shower Bag

Heated Camp Shower lets you take a warm shower even when you are camping or hiking with this 20L Solar Heated Camp Shower Bag. Or simply use it when emergencies happen,  in times when electrically generated hot water is in short supply.

Equipped with a tap, it is very convenient to control water yield.

It can be hung on the car or tree branches to take a bath when you are camping or hiking.
It is quite a good product to make you clean and feel more comfortable after a long time expedition.
The handle of the bag can be reinforced by the hard plastic tube.
This shower bag can be folded away into a small size for easy storage.

Instructions for use :
1. Rinse the shower bag with one tablespoon of baking soda and warm water before initial use.
2. Fill the bag with water, then place it on a flat surface with the black side up and directly expose to the sunlight.
3. Maximum temperature should be attained in approximately 3 hours; it can make the 15 centigrade water reach about 45 centigrade.
4. Please test the water temperature before use since it maybe reaches 50 Celsius degree in the strong sunshine.

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