Interested in flying car?

flying car

Interested in flying car?

The Flying can be far more exciting than driving on the road. It‘s more than the non-existent speed limits in the air or the breathtaking landscape views await from excellent vantage points. With AeroMobil you know that you can travel in almost any weather conditions, but if you choose not to fly, you have the luxury of putting your hands behind the wheel of the car.


“While driving, AeroMobil will use a unique glass cockpit system, with a display setup familiar to those in the aviation world. These integrated digital displays will show the necessary information pertaining to the automotive operation of the vehicle and on take-off will transform seamlessly into the perfect display system for use in flight mode.”

Hoe Cool is this!

“The engine has been adapted to achieve a significant reduction in weight over traditional aerospace engines while delivering the durability and reliability necessary to meet the needs of modern pilots and drivers.”

We Want One!!!!