LED Led Candles 12 Pack

LED Led Candles 12 Pack

LED-Tealight Led-Candles, 12 Packs LED Flickering Candles. Timer Flameless LED Tealights with Battery (White)

These led candles are flameless candles and can be set to 6 hours on, 18 hours off in a 24-hour cycle to save the trouble of managing it every day. The tealight candles are battery operated, and life of batteries over 60 hours. Great idea, no more fire hazard. Just load battery, no need to ignite this led tea lights candles, don’t worry about fire hazard after walking away.

These flameless candles have the service life up to 20,000 hours; battery operated led tealight candles, the battery can be replaced for reuse.  The LED tea light candle is illuminated by a small light bulb inside the battery-driven candle case. No flames and hot air are emitted, which only add a beautiful atmosphere to these celebrations such as Christmas and wedding.

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