Music Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Loudspeaker

Tesla Coil Arc Plasma Loudspeaker

Sunnytech 20W Mini Music Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker Tesla Loudspeaker Wireless Transmission Model WH14

You can play music with it, connect your phone, mp3, computer audio. the sound will come out from Tesla’s arc shake the air. easy to use features compared; have good sound quality, stable and secure,. It can light fluorescent light, LED bulb, stroboscopic tube without any touch or connection, it also can fire paper easily.

It can release more than 7.87in of lightning. Of course, the size of the arc can be adjusted. This music tesla can light fo fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, stroboscopic tube, neon bubble, glow tube, spectral tube, etc. You can also use it as a magic prop to perform.

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