Mystery Island Found From a Satellite Image

Mystery Island

Mystery Island Found From a Satellite Image in the Middle of Atlantic Ocean

Author: Connor Harrison TFBSN

Amateur Google Earth enthusiasts have spotted a mystery island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, which came as a shock to the scientific community.

Google Earth has already been responsible for the discovery of hundreds of islets all around the planet. But those islets are usually a small part of an existing archipelago. It is typically  not a surprise if explorers miss one out of thousands that make the archipelago. But the newly discoverd island stands in the middle of the ocean, so it’s surprising that it has missed everyone’s eye for so long.

Where Is It and Why No One Has Seen It Before?

Mystery Island

The reason might be that it’s located in a part of the worlds ocean that’s not easily assesible for exploration. The location of the newly-discovered island is in the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway from Ireland to Canada.

According to some of the world’s most eminent scientists, there are two probable reasons why it stayed hidden for so long:

  1. Icebergs – this is an area of the Atlantic Ocean packed with huge icebergs floating southwards from the North Pole. Actually, if you go a thousand miles southwest from this island, you get to the location where the ocean liner “Titanic” hit the iceberg on April 1st, 1912.
  2. Mist – This part of the Atlantic Ocean is where cold winds from the north collide with warm air from the south, creating condensation and mist. In turn, the mist can then cover a large area in thick clouds. These ongoing conditions can keep even such large objects like islands hidden for centuries.

Could This Mystery Island Be A Brand-New Island?

Some scientists theorize that the reason why this island wasn’t spotted by the explorers for centuries, including the Vikings who even sailed to Northern America, is that the island didn’t exist back then.

The Exploration of Greenland started in the 15th century, while the sea route to and from Europe to Canada was established two centuries later. Thus, sailors and explorers had plenty of time to spot this island. For some scientists, the chances that no one sailed through that part of the ocean are close to zero.

So, how come no one has ever spotted this island before? Well, it maybe didn’t exist back then? Some theorize that this island came to existence recently. Some go so far to claim that it emerged from the sea just a few years before the satellite image was made public.

The island looks strange, with thick forest on its shores and a large open space in its center. The physical aspects of the island have raised even more controversy in the scientific community. The satellite image has also raised another question, is it possible humans have been there already?

Could This Be a Hidden UFO Base?

UFO hunters from all over the planet have interpreted the discovery in their own style. Some alien theorists suggest the island could be either a hidden UFO base, that’s been there for a long time, or a newly-built alien base. If the later proves to be true, the question is: why now?

According to a leading UFO expert Dr. Stanton Friedman, it could be in the early stages of construction.

“You need an airport not just to fly your airplane off, but also to land it down. The same is with space ships. If aliens are going to launch a large-scale invasion on Earth, they would need ports where they would land their space ships.”

“When you think about it, the location of the mystery island is perfect if you wanted to launch an invasion from space. From the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you can easily attack the United States, but also Russia. The distance from the mysterious island to the US capital Washington D.C. is almost the same as the distance between the island and Russia’s capital Moscow. And guess what? Those two countries are the two largest nuclear forces in the world. Together, the United States and Russia have a total of 13,300 nukes, which is 50 times more what the rest of the world has combined!”


The obvious question here is who’s building the alien base? “Aliens walk among us; I’m certain of that” Friedman asserted. “They’ve been here for decades, even before the Roswell incident, but it took them many years to get enough material to build such a large military base without being noticed.”

One of Dr. Friedman’s associates added that there might be a large-scale conspiracy going on.

“We might have stumbled upon a major conspiracy, in which hundreds of world’s leaders might be involved in. They might be looking to sell our planet to the extraterrestrials.”

“Or maybe the ETs have got themselves some quislings from earth who’s gonna do the job for them,” Friedman added. “Whatever the reason might be, I’m sure the aliens wouldn’t be able to build their own base without the knowledge of some big names in the world of politics.”

When Did They Come Here?

Most ufologists agree that there is an alien presence on Earth. What causes arguments in their community is the question of when they arrived on our planet. Some think they’ve been around since the antiquity or even before that. Others believe they came here after WWII.

Dr. Freidman is one of those who belong to the second group. According to him, the aliens decided to come to our planet right after World War II. And the reason is pretty obvious – the people from Earth have developed dangerous weapons.

We’re talking, of course, about the atomic bomb. It first went off in 1945, which prompted an intergalactic discussion straight away. Due to the devastating potential of nuclear weapons, World War Three could destroy not only our planet but the entire universe.

To prevent that, the aliens sent a group of commandos from their elite forces to the Earth back in the late 1940s when the Cold War was starting to heat up. Their job was to infiltrate the government of the United States and come up with some kind of peaceful solution to the cold war with the Soviets.

The History

The 1947 crash of their spaceship on a ranch in New Mexico was intentional. What has later dubbed the Roswell UFO incident was actually a carefully constructed plan to get the special alien team in contact with the President of the United States, who at the time, was Harry S. Truman.

The alien team did manage to persuade Truman on curving down the nuclear weapon development after threatening him with a large-scale attack on Earth. This set up the so-called Doomsday Clock in 1947.  This was a method of measuring the level of danger the Earth’s inhabitants pose to civilizations in other galaxies. When they established the Doomsday Clock, they set it to “5 minutes to midnight”. The dial goes clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on the current situation regarding world peace. And when the clock shows midnight, it means that it’s time for the intergalactic coalition to launch an invasion on Earth.

Just by setting up the Doomsday Clock, the aliens were able to persuade Truman to back off from the US nuclear program. The things were a bit trickier when it came to convincing the Soviets to give up on nuclear weapons.

The first alien campaign in the Soviet Union ended in a disaster. The alien ship had problems with entering the Earth’s atmosphere which caused a failure in its positioning system, thus, causing it to land in Siberia. The people of Sakha Republic in the North-East part of the Soviet Union noticed the spaceship landing in the forest, but no one attempted to investigate, considering that in this part of Siberia, the temperatures are below zero for most of the year.

The second expedition also failed. Although this time the aliens landed in a less remote part of the USSR, the craw of the spaceship was immediately captured, arrested and sent to gulags. As of 2019, it’s still unclear whether an alien expedition ever came in direct contact with Russian leaders.

Why Now?

If the aliens have been on the Earth for decades, the question is why they’ve started preparing for an invasion just now. There are several answers to this question, the first being that it takes time to develop a large-scale military action, even for such advanced civilization. After all, traveling across several lightyears takes time.

Another speculation is that the aliens are seriously concerned about the future of the Earth. Doctor Friedman believes this too. He thinks it has everything to do with the Doomsday Clock. In 2016, when Donald Trump was elected, the Doomsday Clock moved to “2 minutes before midnight”. Perhaps the aliens don’t think the Earth is a safe place with Trump having the nuclear codes? Or that President Trump’s political opposition may try drastic measures to take over the US government.

“It’s not just about Trump,” Friedman adds, “In 2019 we have Putin showing his muscles to the world, both literally and metaphorically. We have musclemen in charge of China, India, and even Brazil. Are they gonna start holding hands and sing Kumbaya? I don’t think so. And neither do aliens.”

Mystery Island North Atlantic Expedition

Mystery-island-fake-newsSince the release of the first satellite image, many aerial surveillance missions have been attempted. To date, no verified sightings have been reported. Where the mystery island should be the thick mist has covered the entire section of the ocean. Additional information is needed to confirm the islands existence and possible island activity.

There is currently a sea bound expedition on its way to the island. Only a few days after the mysterious island was discovered, an expedition was launched from Prins Christianssund, a harbor town situated in Greenland. A group of Danish UFO enthusiasts who found themselves in Greenland rented a yacht to go out and explore the island.

The town of Prins Christianssund is some 1,500 nautical miles away from where the mysterious island is thought to be located. It is anticipated the 1500 miles, by yacht, should be obtainable in about two weeks. The Prins Christianssund expedition has been in route for one week; anticipation is high as the waiting continues.

Authorities have reported that since Day 3 of the voyage, no contact with the crew has taken place. Families and friends of the expedition’s team are eagerly waiting for any word or signs of success or failure.  Reporters who are currently in Prins Christianssund are also waiting on any word from the mystery island expedition. As the story unfolds, we will update the story.

Author: Connor Harrison TFBSN
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