Pain In The Neck Living With You?

Pain In The Neck

Got A Pain In The Neck That Won’t Go Away? Or Maybe Comes & Goes?

Pain In The Neck? Try this Wireless Neck Massager for those moments you just need relief! Sometimes, life can be so irritating and push all your wrong buttons. When something or someone is being that true pain in the neck try this re-synchronization therapy Wireless Neck Massager.

Find relief with this wireless massagers special features. With its wireless remote start to relax and feel relief from that pain, no matter if its a person or just needed body relief.


Far-infrared heat.
low-frequency electrical pulses.
Vibration massage.
Magnetic effect four in one.
Re-synchronization therapy forms a high-performance composite energy field.
Four automatic combination treatment modes.
Six kinds of manual therapy mode you can choose according to different needs.
Six kinds of vibration massage.
Health magnet built for the human body acupuncture points.
An LED menu, backlit display, simple operation and clarity

Product Types: Wireless Remote Control Neck Massager
Button batteries: 3VDC
Volume: 0.1 square
Power formula: Electric storage type Rechargeable.

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