Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit

Pepper Spray Gun

When that  9 mm is just a little too much.

The Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit is touted as a military strength pepper spray with a 5-year shelf life (more than double the industry standard). THIS ANIT NO TOY!

Easy to shot with no violent kick or loud bang when fired. Can be loaded ready to use indefinitely, so when you’re in need, salt is ready.  Proven safe and effective by agencies including the U.S. Military, State police and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. OUCH, this thing shoots 150+ feet and 21 shots of proven range vs. 6-10 feet for normal pepper spray.

Each SALT self-defense kit includes 1 pepper spray gun, 10 pepper spray rounds, 10 practice rounds, 1 magazine (7-round), 1 lockable case (lock not included), 1 easy to follow user manual. (12 gram, non-threaded CO2 not included)

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