Permanent & Painless Hair Removal

Permanent & Painless Hair Removal

Touch Permanent & Painless Hair Removal

Permanent & Painless Hair Removal System

Forget About Waxing With Finishing Touch. Waxing has always been a painful and sticky subject for many people from all over the world. Up until the last few years, long-term hair removal could be done using wax, which is painful, to say the least, or through an expensive procedure that uses light pulses, or by using various chemical products that can irritate the skin.

While laser hair removal procedures are now available in salons from all over the world, the size and price of the equipment make it impossible to use it at home, and also relatively expensive. This leaves epilators and hair removal devices as the best way to get the job without having to lose time going to an appointment on the other side of town or spend any money.

The Finishing Touch Permanent & Painless Hair Removal Device – A product designed around safe and pain-free hair removal.

The Finishing Touch Permanent & Painless Hair Removal Device uses a new blade design and detection technology in order to cut hair without irritating the skin. The device is a good choice for those looking to use it on sensitive areas such as the face, as it automatically detects when it touches the skin and delicately starts to cut hair, without scratching or irritating.

There are a few things that set the device apart from others on the market:

  • Can be used when plugged in – While other devices may need to be charged and unplugged from an outlet in order to function, this model will work in any scenario, so there’s no need to worry about keeping it charged;
  • Gentle on any type of skin – The rotary shaver only cuts hair, and does not scratch or irritate the skin. The product has been designed to be safe to use even on more delicate areas such as the face;
  • Sense-light – The hair removal device comes with a sense-light sensor that automatically detects hair when placed on the skin and safely turns on the rotary shaver;
  • Small and portable – The lithium-ion battery only requires 3 hours in order to fully charge, and the small size of the device makes it perfect for vacations or camping trips;

There is a lot to this device, especially when considering that it can fit in the palm of your hand. By looking at it from a distance, it is hard to say what it really is. The case is small, white, and only has one button, so there is no need to worry that someone might see it in your purse.

Hair removal no longer needs to be painful

The Finishing Touch Hair Removal Device cuts hair without harming the skin, regardless of the area on which it is used. Everything from the design of the blades to the sense-light system has been designed to turn a tedious, often uncomfortable experience into one that is not only more pleasant but also healthier for the skin.

The device is great to get as a present, or for personal use. It comes with two bladed heads, a charger, and a cleaning brush.