Pet Water Fountain

Pet Water Fountain

Pet Water Fountain For Dogs

Your favorite pet will love this during the summer. This is the perfect way to make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water during those hot summer days. This has an easy to press pad for water release. Heavy-duty manufacturing for long life the fountain is a great device to encourage your dog to drink fresh water whenever they feel thirsty.

You always keep a water dish outside for your pet, but the water never seems to stay clean for too long. With this adorable and clever doggy water fountain set up in your yard, your lovely dog will find a limitless supply of fresh, clean water at his paw-tips, at all times of day or night. When your dog needs a drink, all he has to do is step on the paw pad to activate a stream of fresh, cool water, ready to be lapped up.

THIS IS GOOD QUALITY– The pet fountain was designed for dogs with heavy gauge steel to make sure its strength and durability. It also has a leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pads to prevents undue leakage and messy spray and minimize movement when in use!

Easy to use for sure! All you have to do is connect the dog fountain to a hose or faucet and adjust the water stream to control the water pressure! Within a matter of minutes, you can install the dog water fountain outdoors in your preferred location. No batteries, no electrical outlets – and no more water bowl to clean, change or fill!

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