Plasma Ball Wizard Figurine

Plasma Ball Wizard

Plasma Ball Wizard of Merlin

Plasma Ball Wizard Merlin is ready to serve you. This Electric Plasma Ball Lamp Statue is 13″ Tall, AC Powered, with Flashing Lightning Bolt.

This Large Merlin Spellcaster Electric Plasma Ball Lamp Statue stands at 13″ tall, 7.25″ long and 5.75″ wide approximately. Merlin Spellcaster Electric Plasma Ball Lamp Statue is made of designer composite resin and glass, hand-painted and polished individually. This is a Futuristic Bizarre AC powered electric ball lamp decor. When turned on, the clear glass ball will charge and flash with purple, red and blue lightning, illuminating your room!!!

Merlin is an ancient wizard, well known in the legend of King Arthur. He is the most powerful spellcaster of all time, and in this sculpture, you see Merlin in his wizard robe and tall hat, brewing a powerful spell in his glass sphere. Beware the power of the Wizard, when he is complete with his chants, and the spell is mature, he will cast powerful darkness over his enemies.
This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection.

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