Plush Emoticon Pillows

Plush Emoticon Pillows

Plush Emoticon Pillows Emoji Cushion (Heart, Smiley, Wink, Pile of Poop ).

There are 6,500 languages in the world today, but none of them can be understood by everyone. Emojis, on the other hand, are a sort of language that every person on the planet understands. When you see a smiley, you know what the person on the other end wants to say. The same goes for emojis expressing other kinds of emotions, e.g. sad-face emoticon for sadness, etc.

But, let’s not talk about bad emotions. After all, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And if you’re looking for a perfect present for your girlfriend/boyfriend, we might have one for you – emoji pillows!

Emojis don’t belong only on your smartphone screen; you can get them on pillows in your living room. These cushions will let you express your emotions to your loved one without saying a single word. If this sounds good, it’s time to decide what kind of message you wish to send to your Valentine with these emoji cushions!

Emoji Options

The cushions are yellow with emoji prints on the front. You can choose from several different emojis, including the following:

  • Heart Eyes – This pillow seems ideal as a Valentine’s Day present for your crush. You’ll let them know what you feel about them, without seeming like a hopeless romantic.
  • Kiss – Sending a kiss with an emoji is probably something you’ve done countless times on your smartphone. Now you can do it in real life by gifting the kissing emoji pillow to your BF/GF.
  • Tears of joy – You know the feeling when you’re laughing so hard that you start crying? Well, there’s an emoji pillow that illustrates that exact feeling. So, if your Valentine makes you feel this way, this pillow might be the one.
  • Sticking out tongue – If you’re the naughty tease in your relationship, buying a pillow with a smiling face sticking out the tongue could be a very good present.
  • Smiling poop – Now, there might not be anything romantic about poop, but this pillows can still be a good Valentine’s Day present, especially if you and your lover have a good sense of humor.

Features of the Cushions

Each of the cushions you can buy come with a construction made of polyester which makes them firm, yet soft, thus very comfortable for laying your head on them. On top of that, the pillows have a plush exterior shell which adds to your comfort.

Most of the pillows are round, with a thickness of about 4 inches. Actually, the only pillow that doesn’t fit this profile is the smiling poop. The dimensions of that cushion are 15 x 13 x 4 inches.

Should You Buy One of These?

If you’re still wondering whether you should buy one of these pillows, our answer is NO! You shouldn’t buy just one of these; you should buy as many as possible!

Not only are these pillows a fun gift for Valentine’s Day, but you can actually use them throughout the year. And the best thing is that they are super-cheap.

Plush Emoticon Pillows Emojis can often convey one’s emotional state better than words. For this reason, they make great gifts. Read on for a few gifting suggestions.

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