Apr 6, 2019
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Pool Float For Your Special Lady

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Pool Float For Your Special Lady On The Water.

Pool Float For Your Special Lady that has proven performance and will withstand several long rides on the water. Trusted quality and comfort, especially made extra thick. Bring this to the party and have your friends join in on the ride. Inflatable so blow with care; this might pop if you go too long or hard.

Enjoy all 79 inches, and don’t say we didn’t warn you… it tends to get wet. Great for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties! People will stare. Some might ask where did you find him. You won’t want to share, but there’s plenty of him to go around. They are designed to handle smooth or rough rides, more than just one person at a time. Always open to trying new things. Most adults 18+ will fit just right. Take GOLDEN BOY everywhere you go this summer for an unforgettable time. Welcome to the gold life!

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