Portable Urinal Golf Buddy cleverly disguised as a golf club

Portable Urinal Golf Buddy

Portable Urinal Golf Buddy Novelty Gift

When it’s time to go it’s time to go. When you’re on the course and you need a solution fast we got the solution. The portable urinal cleverly disguised as a golf club. Lets you quickly pee & get right back to your game! This might be just you need when trying to get in the head of your opponent.

Clip the terrycloth golf towel (included) to both UroClub & your belt/waistband. Then pee right into UroClub, reseal the cap & you’re set. With our large, soft towel in place, you’ll be fully covered & protected. Think of it as your personal fig-leaf! No Mess, No Smell: Thanks to comfortable fit & nonporous construction, your UroClub Urinal helps prevent smelly splashing. Afterwards, you can empty the contents discreetly at your convenience.

When Nature calls we got the answer.

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