Pyramid Amethyst Reiki Crystal Quartz

Pyramid Amethyst Reiki Crystal Quartz

Amethyst Reiki Crystal Quartz Natural Healing Fluorite Pyramid

Crystal Pyramids are said to be great for healing as they focus their energy through their apex. Use them to create beneficial powers in a room or healing space or only as a beautiful display piece. This beautiful piece is perfect as the centerpiece for crystal grid work or to place in a terrarium.

Crystal pyramids are excellent for Grids, Energy Work, Readings, or as an addition to your Terrarium. Since each stone is a unique natural creation, please expect some slight variation regarding color, texture, etc. Like us, humans all crystals are imperfect in there perfect nature.

Amethyst is said to aid creative thinking and spiritual awareness. It is a protective stone and carrying it in your pocket is said to protect against psychic attack. Placing Amethyst by the side of your bed while you sleep is thought to reduce nightmares.

In healing Amethyst can be placed on the Third Eye & Crown Chakras. It is believed to ease headaches, release tension, relieve physical and emotional pain and help combat addictions. It is also reputed to reduce swellings and bruises. In ancient times it was fashioned into a drinking vessel, as it was believed to cure drunkenness.

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