Big Shot Prank Money Wads

Big Shot Prank Money

Big Shot Prank Money to make the poorest smuck look important.

It is realistic looking, full print 2 sided, 100 dollar bills and 100 pieces in total. Do you like to prank people? Do you like money? If you do, then this wad of fake cash may be the perfect item for you! Make believe you are a millionaire or finish off your costume with the funniest fake dollar bills not printed by the US Government. Bored? Liven up your dull days by showing off these prank money wads on your unsuspecting family and friends.

Remember this ain’t real money! Don’t go and try to pawn it off on some unsuspecting fool. It will get your ass in trouble! This is 100% prank money, not to be used for legal tender in any part of the world. Have fun, be the big shot in appearance but be cool.

How to Prank Someone with Money

If you need to know how to prank people with fake money, then visit

  • Method #1 – Fleeing money
  • Trick #2 – Floating money
  • Method 3 Stuck money

All three methods are in detail here.

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