Red Flashing Lights and Bed Shaker Clock

Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock With Super Shaker

Wake Up Better With A Super Loud Alarm Clock with the industry’s most powerful bed shaker! Never sleep past your alarm clock again! This is the loudest alarm we ever bought.

This unique dual alarm clock has been proven to wake up even the heaviest sleepers for years. Wake up early but don’t want to disturb others? Turn off the volume and wake silently with the adjustable strength bed shaker. It’s great for the dorm room or for mom or dad when you don’t want to wake the kids.

The Sonic Bomb SBB500ss sound and vibrating alarms are great for deep sleepers. The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock blaringly loud buzzer, flashing display and vibrating extension should be annoying enough to wake you up, even if you live in a loud urban environment. You can snooze the alarm as many times as you want, and it doesn’t reset for the next day until you turn it off manually. In addition, it has an adjustable snooze interval you can set anywhere between one and 30 minutes. It also has dual alarms, so you can set it to go off twice each morning, and each of those alarms can be set to buzz, vibrate or both. However, there is only one vibrating extension, so if you and your partner plan to use the same alarm clock, you will have to decide who needs to be shaken awake more.

The Bottom Line

The Sonic Alert’s Sonic Bomb With Super Shaker doesn’t have all the features as some of the top-rated alarm clocks on the market. However, between the loud alarm, flashing display and vibrating extension, it is sure to wake you up. You can adjust the intensity of the clock’s tone and volume to fit your preference. The Sonic Bomb is the best option if you are a deep sleeper or have trouble waking up in the morning.

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