Retro Bluetooth Speaker With LED

Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Programmable Retro Bluetooth Speaker with LED Display.

Fully programmable Bluetooth speakers are a pretty common thing, but you can’t find too many of quality and that look as good as this one. That makes this speaker so special is that it’s designed to look like a retro TV. But, apart from its looks, there’s nothing old-fashioned about this item.

This device will provide you with top-quality audio, but also with some useful functions that can make your everyday tasks much easier.

Main Features of TIVOO’s Bluetooth Speaker

Here are some of the things that make this speaker really awesome:

  • 0 Bluetooth – Thanks to this feature, you can connect the speaker to your smartphone (or any other device with Bluetooth) from several meters’ distance.
  • Control Panel – The speaker features a large control panel on the right side which makes controlling the device a child’s game. This is what you can use to adjust the volume, adjust bass, and so on. But, you can do the same (and even more) if you use TIVOO’s app. Actually, you will need the app, to be able to play songs from your smartphone directly on the Bluetooth speaker without a need for any wires.
  • HD Sound Quality – Apart from looking lovely and being very easy to use, this speaker is also great when it comes to playing the audio. And that’s what matters the most. The clarity of sound is fantastic in all frequency ranges, including the lowest frequencies the human ear can hear.
  • 360-Surround Sound – The speaker is designed to produce powerful bass, as well as sounds in higher frequencies all around the place. This means that wherever you put it, you will be able to enjoy the quality of the sound it produces.
  • SD Card Slot – Apart from using it as a Bluetooth speaker, you can use it as a regular wireless speaker as well. There’s a slot for SD cards where you can place a memory card with your favorite playlist.
  • RGB LED Screen for Pixel Art – The speaker has a large screen with the resolution of 16 x 16 pixels, thus resembling the TVs that were the thing a few decades ago. But, looking retro isn’t the only great thing about the screen. It allows you to put your own pixel artwork there! If this sounds awesome, here’s how to do it: just use your fingertips to draw pixel art on your smartphone using TIVOO’s app.

Other Uses of the Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Its main purpose is to play music while displaying your pixel art. But, this device has a few other tricks up its sleeve. For example, you can use it as an alarm clock which will wake you up by playing your favorite songs while displaying a good morning message on display. You can use it as a digital clock with weather notifications.

On top of everything, you can set the speaker to notify you every time you receive a message on social media, when you need to go to bed, and so on

Quality and Eye-Catching

The Retro Bluetooth Speaker with it’s LED is fully programmable by app control. SUPER HD SOUND & POWERFUL BASS in this Bluetooth speaker. Made by TIVOO, they use not only the selected high-quality hardware material; they simultaneously use the small volume bass dynamic compensation, the 360 degrees 3D space compensation, the high power explosion proof sound which effectively makes the same volume of the box to obtain the better hearing effect. Under 75 signal-to-noise ratio, V5.0 Bluetooth, support aux & Bluetooth & sd card.


The most classic and fancy pixel art is in this pixel art speaker! 16*16 pixels and 256 full RGB self- programmable led screen, You can create any pixel images and animations by our app, just draw by your fingertip!

You also have a pixel art community on the app; you can make an online gallery, you create our unique pixel art and share with others. Traditional animation characters, game character, superhero, and emoji, more than you imagine!


Not only pixel art creation, TIVOO pixel art Bluetooth speaker has more interesting functions, all in the app. It can be used as a smart alarm clock, shows the time and weather, schedules your daily life. It has
Twenty-four professional sleep-aid profiles that make you have a good sleep. Moreover, it has traditional pixel games, voice memo, DJ mixer, Social media notification. More interesting functions are waiting for you to try!


If you’re upset about not knowing what kind of gift to pick for others, don’t hesitate, TIVOO pixel art DIY Bluetooth speaker will be your best choice. Retro and funky TV shape appearance, super strong function and classic pixel art, first-class sound quality, powerful bass. No matter where you put it, it can be the most stand out decoration. Perfectly show your taste!


This TIVOO Pixel Art DIY Bluetooth speaker is manufactured under very strict quality standards to give our customers the best experience.