Rod-Runner Pro Fishing Rod Rack

Rod-Runner Pro Fishing

Portable Fishing Rod Holder Caddy!

No need for breaking down your rods, all you need to do is slide your rods into the holder and attach bungee cord, and you are ready to go fishing.

Carry up to 5 fishing rods with no tangled lines or broken guides!
Quickly Wash Down, and Rig secured rods and reels!
Take one trip from the car to the boat or down the docks!
Carry multiple rigged and ready setups when fishing on land!
Load rods with reels sitting above bungee cords for increased ground clearance and quick access when fishing on the move! Capable of handling light or heavy fishing tackle! Including spinning reels, baitcasting reels, fly fishing reels, surf rods, even offshore conventional rod combos with reels up to 50W! Hardened ABS construction with UV+ inhibitor to hold up in any environment; from bass fishing to surf fishing to ice fishing! Lightweight and compact design for easy storage.

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